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Canary Sessions: Victoria Victoria

Canary Sessions: Victoria Victoria

How y’all doing my peeps! Welcome back to another Canary Session! 2020 has been one crazy ride, to say the least, but that's why we are here to help soothe your souls. In today’s video, we plan to do just that, as the band Victoria Victoria pays us a visit. Victoria Victoria is an indie-pop band, based in North Carolina, and let me tell ya this right here and right now…they dope. You know that moment in the hit movie Toy Story 2 when Jessie is reminiscing about the time she had with her previous kid, and you’re sitting in the theater with your mom and she’s just watching you cry and distancing herself from you, even whispering to other parents saying, “who’s kid is that” even when she well enough knows that’s her kid…just me? Oh ok. Well…that’s where Victoria Victoria’s music took me back to, and that's my personal testimonial. Let us know in the comments below where their music takes you back to! Well anyway, you know what to do, just sit back, relax, watch the video, subscribe, share, and hit that bell! . . . Canary Sessions strives to create excellent live music sessions that highlight talented artists of all musical types. Hit the like button and subscribe! Also, follow us on our social media. If you would like to inquire about being on the show email us at: Facebook: Instagram: . . . . . Hosted & Mixed by: Hudson Waldrop Filmed & edited by: Kivett Cook Special thanks to: Victoria Victoria: Facebook: Instagram: Spotify: Website: & Jane. Made & Found: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
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